We began giving gymnastics lessons in Circle in the fall of 2001
    through a satellite gym with Sidney Gymnastics. Because the interest
    was so great, we bought a building and started Eastern Montana
    Gymnastics in June of 2002.

    Since then, we have taught gymnastics from preschool through USA
    Gymnastics Level 9 to many in the area.

    Our gym has a spring floor, two balance beams, several floor beams,
    uneven bars, several single bars, a vault trainer, parallel bars, pommel
    horse, mushroom, rings, tumbl-trak, air floor, mini tramps, back
    handspring trainer and many gymnastics mats and shapes.

About Us

Kama Urton will be coaching the recreational and team
classes at EMG. Kama has been involved with gymnastics
since she was eight. She participated in gymnastics for 13
years, and competed for 11 of those years, finally hanging up
her leotard when she was 22.

Kama competed up to Level 9, focusing most on Level 8 for
many years. She went to Regionals three times, and has won
a state championship on every event (and the all-around)
except bars throughout her competitive career.

Kama has coached on and off since 2001, coaching almost
every artistic gymnastics class possible (boys, recreational,
tiny tots, beginners, etc). She was a co-manager for the Red
River Valley Gymnastics Performance Team that performed
various trampoline and tumbling routines around the Grand
Forks, ND area. Kama was also a USAG Women's Level 4-6
judge while in high school.

In her spare time, Kama enjoys training and showing horses

and spending time with her husband, Teddy


2003 Class 7 Boys All-Around, Rings, Floor and
Parallel Bars
2003 Level 8 Girls Vault
2004 Class 7 Boys All-Around, Parallel Bars,
Rings, Pommel
2004 Class 6 Boys Vault
2004 Level 8 Girls All-Around and Balance
2005 Level 5 boys All-Around and Pommel
2005 Level 4 Boys Parallel Bars
2005 Level 4 Boys Vault
2005 Level 4 Girls Balance Beam
2005 Level 4 Girls Vault
2006 Level 5 Boys Vault
2006 Level 6 Boys Vault
2007 Level 6 Boys Vault
2007 Level 4 Boys Rings
2008 Level 4 Girls All-Around, Vault, Bars,
Beam, Floor
2008 Level 4 Boys All-Around, Pommel, Parallel
Bars, Floor, High Bar
2009 Level 4 Boys Rings, Parallel Bars, Vault
2010 Level 4 Boys All-Around and Pommel
2010 Level 5 Boys Vault
2010 Level 4 Girls Floor
2010 Level 6 Girls Vault, Beam, Floor, All-Around
2012 Level 5 Girls All-Around and Balance
2012 Level 6 Girls All-Around, Vault and Floor
2012 Level 6 Girls Balance Beam
2012 Level 5 Boys Vault
2014 Level 3 Girls Vault and All-Around
2015 Level 3 Girls Floor
2016 Level 2 Girls Uneven Bars
2016 Level 3 Girls Uneven Bars
2017 Level 3 Girls Vault
2018 Level 3 Girls Floor
Eastern Montana Gymnastics
Eastern Montana Gymnastics
is a Member Club of
USA Gymnastics

2003 Girls Regional Qualifier and
Competitor in Level 8, Hawaii
2004 Boys Regional Qualifier and
Competitor in Class 6, Billings
2004 Girls Regional Qualifier and
Competitor in Level 8, Oregon
2005 Boys Regional Qualifier in Level 5
2005 Girls Regional Qualifier and
Competitor in Level 8, Whitefish, MT
2006 Boys Regional Qualifier in Level 6
2006 Boys Regional Qualifier in Level 6
2009 Boys Regional Qualifier and
Competitor in Level 5, Bozeman
Photos of Kama